I’m Back In World!

I'm finally in World again!!!!  Yes, after getting my invite a couple of days ago,
 I finally was able to log in this afternoon!!!!  Wooot!!!!!!  Thanks so much to Dan and the Phoenix team in working to fix whatever needed to be fixed!!!!

I did have one glitch though.  I am using Chrome as my browser -- but, when I logged in, it seemed that IE wanted to take over but I somehow was able to get around that.  Also DX9 seems to be working well -- and I now have my PINK tag back!  (GO PINK!!!)  And now I have my ginger bodyset back and now look like "myself" once again!

Now, I've got to settle down and organize my thngs  and places(have loads) -- I'll report back in next few days!

Fox 20 (HLFT) reporting and ready to fly once again!!!

Thanks again,